Richard Honour, BS, Biology; PhD, Plant Pathology/Soil
Microbiology. Director, The Precautionary Group. Dr. Honour has been instrumental in
stopping the dumping of sewage sludge in the forests around Puget Sound. Together
the Investigators have been sampling and evaluating the presence of Polybrominated
Diphenyl Ether (PBDE) Flame Retardants, Dioxins, Furans, Triclosan, Nitrates and
several toxic metals in forest and agricultural environments subjected to land
applications of sewage sludge. Preliminary results indicate high levels of carcinogenic
and neurotoxic Dioxins, Furans and PBDEs in the parent and applied sludges, as well
as in the receiving forest and agricultural soils, sediments and waters. This work was
contracted by local environmental groups representing minority and indigenous
Patricia Martin, BS Biology, Safe Food and Fertilizer. Ms. Martin,
a former mayor of a low-income, minority agricultural community in central Washington
State, was integral in exposing the use of hazardous and other industrial wastes in
fertilizer and soil amendments. Martin initiated a cooperative effort with Greenpeace
International and with farm organizations to assess fertilizer contaminants on a global
basis, and arranged for the analysis of fertilizers for sale on the Hawaiian Islands.
Christian Stalberg, BA Environmental Studies, Sewage Sludge Action Network (SSAN). Mr. Stalberg co-founded SSAN in 2009 and has worked with the group educating the public about the dangers of municipal, industrial and hazardous wastes contained in land applied pseudo-fertilizers, composts and soil amendments. He maintains the organization’s website and its growing repository of publications.
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